The Cleveland Spanish Academy

Saturday Classes for Children

Your child will encounter a new language and have fun learning through activities, songs, and games. Our main goal is to make the learning process both fun and effective for your child.

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Spanish at Your Child’s School

Register your child for our program at area schools or find out more information about starting a program at your school!

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Private Classes for Kids, Families & Home School Groups

If you want your child to have a more focused Spanish education or have siblings or a family wanting to learn together, private classes offer a custom curriculum and flexibility.

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Summer Camp

We offer Spanish Summer Camp with a new and exciting week-long theme each summer, as well as Summer Saturday Classes for children of all ages!

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Our Methodology: Immersion Learning

Immersion: Learning Spanish in Spanish

  • We believe it is essential for students to learn naturally, the same way we learned our first language!
  • In an immersion setting, students are given tools to help them interpret the language as they experience it, rather than learning from memorization or a grammar book.

Introducing spanish to children

  • CSA is committed to practical Spanish instruction through engaging, age-appropriate activities, imparted by 100% fluent Spanish speakers.
  • The focus is on understanding the spoken language, first attempts at using the language, and reinforcement through exercises and fun games!

Why do we use the immersion approach?

  • The only tried and true way to learn to THINK in another language is to learn through immersion.
  • If your child is new to immersion, it can be challenging at first, but that’s ok! Our classes are also fun and engaging, and your child will feel real pride the first time they answer the instructor in Spanish!

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Why Expose Your Child to a New Language?

A Lifetime OF Learning

Introducing Spanish to children develops Spanish speaking and listening comprehension skills that will aid in future language learning. Children’s minds are more easily adaptable to new sounds, methods of logic, and pronunciation.

Cognitive Development

Learning Spanish enhances intellectual flexibility, problem solving skills, creativity, and standardized test scores, and helps prepare your child for a multi-cultural world.

Cultural Awareness

Learning a language goes hand-in-hand with learning about other cultures. Spanish exposes children to different Hispanic cultures, teaching them to be more tolerant and respectful towards others.

Meet Our Academy Teachers!


“My 4-year-old son looks forward to Spanish class every week. At home he runs around speaking Spanish. The instructor relates to the children and makes them feel comfortable to learn. As a result, the children seem to pick up fast and love using what they learn at home. The instructor uses interactive tools like plastic fruit and Spanish work sheets that the kids solve and color to aid in teaching. The price is good and the atmosphere is clean and enjoyable. I recommend this class to anyone looking to get their kids into beginner Spanish.”Roy Aukerman, parent
“My son began the year hating the idea of going to Spanish class. After two weeks of classes, he actually said he couldn’t wait for Monday because he had Spanish. He comes after every class with new words to teach us. It is great to see him excited about it. Thank you – it is making his entire year better!”Jenny Wagner, parent

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